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Published on 9th June 2020 by

Closure of the Hall

As you may have heard, the Government has been proposing that from 1st October, it may be possible to allow conference centres to reopen in a COVID-19 secure way. However, they have always said that this would be reliant on cases remaining at a similar level moving into the autumn and a scientific understanding being formed of the impact of reopening schools. At the moment there has been little more guidance offered, but we are cautiously exploring the possibility of welcoming groups here later in October. This would be at a much reduced capacity and with a number of restrictions in place, meaning that any stay here would look and feel quite different to normal.

To this end, the Hall will remain closed through until the end of September, and we are now speaking to groups with October bookings to consider if their stay is feasible. Our approach to reopening will be under constant review and development, as we receive more guidance. Once there is some certainty regarding the possible reopening of conference centres, we will be able to provide a clearer outline to groups with bookings still currently in place beyond October. We will be as accommodating as we can regarding your bookings; we will work through this situation with you and be as supportive as possible. Some of our staff currently on partial furlough so please be aware that for some queries, there may be a delay in our response. If your query is more urgent, please contact or call us on 01728 830715.

Cottage and the Flat

In more exciting news, have now been able to reopen the Bungalow, Cottage and our new Studio Flat for visitors. Both the Bungalow and Cottage do have existing bookings in place, but we do have some spaces available. If you are interested in the possibility of staying in the Bungalow, Cottage or Flat then please contact us at

Impact on Sizewell Hall

The opening of the Bungalow, Cottage, Flat and Campsite have helped provide some much-needed income for the hall, but we ask that you pray for us as an organisation as we seek God’s guidance moving forwards. All of us are facing very uncertain times at the moment, but fortunately, we have a Lord who stands alongside us through all these challenges and who holds our future in His hands.

This crisis has the potential to have a very considerable financial impact on Sizewell Hall, as it has on many individuals, organisations and businesses. Consequently, we are asking all the groups who have enjoyed the blessing of coming away here to spend time with the Lord and with one another, to consider supporting us in their prayers and financially if possible.

Please watch this short video from Colin Low the Chair of the Board of Trustees of Sizewell Hall and if you are able to support us financially, please click on the donate button below the video


We would also like to share a message from one of our Board members Rebecca

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