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Adrian Copping

I met my wife at Sizewell on an Easter Houseparty from West Road Church. Now into my tenth year of marriage I praise God for the haven of Sizewell Hall, a place where I have never failed to encounter God. I have cherished memories of over 50′s weeks, Easter and February House parties where the Lord has strengthened me and encouraged me in a huge variety of ways. I would go to Sizewell and come back changed as a result of the ministry and power of God that was always present.


I went to Sizewell Hall for a holiday camp it was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m definitely coming back next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a sizewell fan

Sizewell rocks for ever, once you go there you never want to leave and when you do leave you can feel God inside you lifting you up to do greater things I love Sizewell and I love the people who run it if it wern’t for them we never would have got to have such an amazing time with God thank you sizewell for everything you have done for me and my friends we love you.

Amy Rushbrook

WOW, where do I start. I can only praise God for the work at Sizewell. For Sizewell hall is swamped in God’s awsome presence. I will ALWAYS hold Sizewell hall near to my heart. Although I will never be thrown into that smelly pond again!!
Amz x

Izzy B

Sizewell is definately the coolest place in the world. I’ve had loads of fun there and learnt soo much it’s unbelievable. I love it and don’t know what anyone would do without it! God has done so much at this place and you haven’t lived if you’ve never been! GO NOW!!:D

Dave Saiz

Just found your website and have to say that it was on a Easter Sunday back in 1976 when I gave my life to the Lord while at the Easter Houseparty, Dave Rusted led me to the Lord and Sizewell Hall will always have eternal memories for me!

Emily Rushton

I went to Sizewell with a group of Anglicans and even though I am actually a Catholic I loved my visit!!! I thought that it was a great place to stay and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there!! I will definitely come again!!! It was one of the best places that I have been and really made my holiday special!! I would recommend it to everyone, Thank you so much for a great holiday and I’ll miss everyone, love Emily


Hello there!
I’m going to the camp there soon and I have heard its the best ever.  I hope its true, I’m going tomorrow!
Ahhh I’m so excited and so is one of my best mates Jordan.
April (13)

Kirsty Bartram

I came back from Sizewell Hall today with my church from Bildeston, Suffolk. I had a brilliant week and can’t wait to go back next year. We go every year in October half term and I always learn something new. God is always with us, guiding us through a fantastic week.

Keith Riley

I was fortunate to visit Sizewell Hall with the Covies in the mid 70′s summers a few times, then later returned in the late 80′s to help out in the kitchen, do a little archery and perform the “lifeguard” duties on the beach.
The teachings and support received has helped me a great deal over the years.

Brian McLean

I’m glad to see dear old Sizewell Hall is being put to such good use. I was a pupil at Sizewell Hall School in 1952 until it closed in 1955. It was small a coeducational preparatory school for eight to 13-year-olds, joined for the summer by foreign students. There were only three or four teachers, including the headmaster, Harry Tuyn, a Dutchman who taught us English, French, German, Latin and Greek by turns! It left me, for instance, with a lifelong passion for literature, nature study and music. We were allowed to make full use of the 35 acres as our playground, except for the area beyond the pond, which was out of bounds in the summer after a boy was bitten by an adder. What was different from other schools I attended is that we seemed to be one community of children, tolerant of our differences in age, sex and background. One fellow pupil was Sheridan Morley, the theatre critic, whom I see in the paper died not long ago. I would love to get in touch with others who were there at that time. Robert? Wayne? Gijs? Clara? Arnold? Geraldine? Dorothy? Harleh? Karen? Gretel? Mr Hobson? Miss Acheson? I wonder where you are now. Look after yourselves.


Well Sizewell is just a great place. I’ve got so many memories it is unbelievable (all of them good!). Most importantly it’s where I became a Christian so I’ll always be thankful for it. Just one last thing to remember when on the campsite SAFETY 1ST SAFETY 2ND!


I’ve just come back from junior sizewell with cym and it is really cool one of the best places i’ve ever been

Louise Adams

I and my husband have many great memories of Sizewell Hall. We met there in 1990 at a CYM house party and were married in 1993. It was where I came to know Christ and always felt at my closest to him. It holds places of great peacefulness and I believe it is truely blessed by God. We would love our three children at some point in their lives, to be touched by the presence of God that so obviously lives at Sizewell Hall.


I’ve just come back from Sizewell yesterday with the same church as Lily TBC. It was great exept the fire alarm went off at 12.15 at night. I really loved the beach laying on the pebbles it was the best feeling ever. The building was much bigger than I was expecting as I was to young to go last time.
Nicola (12)


I’ve just come back from the Sizewell Camp… it was the best thing ever. it’s so much fun and I learned so much about God.
I really hope I can be a tent leader next year… I can’t imagine not being allowed to come again!
Hannah (14)


Sizewell is great, i came here for african adventure and it was great
Thanks Rich and that lot

luv sizewell

I gave my life to God last night and I really noticed the difference it made!
I hope to be at Sizewell in November. Hope 2 see people there.


I have just come back from a trip to Sizewell Hall, African Adventure and it was well Wick!!!! A bit chilly but it still rocked and I would like to say A HUGE THANK YOU to EVERYONE there, you all made it very special and fun.


I went to Sizewell a couple of years ago with the church – TBC – It was great. It was really a youth thing and I must have been 2 or 3 years younger than that. My mum was a cook so I tagged along anyway. I didn’t take part in the activities but I loved walking down to the beach, playing on the piano and exploring (aswell as helping out in the kitchen!)
Lily x (11)


I have many fond memories of Sizewell Hall. I used to come here for weekends away with my church when I was a kid. The place seemed so big back then as I was only small at the time, so big I almost got lost once or twice. Sometimes I even tried to get lost (well lost to other people anyway, you know how children are). I used to play hide and seek both in the house and in the grounds. I remember once I was so well hidden I had to give myself up after about two hours! It was during this time that I was hidden in the grounds near the gazebo that is probably my fondest memory. I was just sat there for so long I almost forgot why I was there. I remember just lying there looking up at the sky and I felt so relaxed, like I had not a care in the world. It was true peace, really an amazing feeling. This is truly a place to come and unwind and leave the cares of the world behind you. This place has so many happy memories from my childhood that will stick with me for the rest of my life.


I came here with my school and had a great day. I also came with my primary school a few years ago and also had a great week out.


The site very professional! Keep up the good work! Oh yes, one extra comment – maybe you could add more pictures too! So, good luck to your team!

harleigh dines

I have been going to Sizewell for 4 years and will be my fifth this year with Suffolk Road Church
It’s really fun and nice to get away beside the beach. It’s a shame it is so short a time to go cause I would love to go for longer. It is a really nice place to get away. Can’t wait till we go again.
xxxxxx from Harleigh

Katie Oshimow

Amazing, loved it, most incredible Holiday ever, and in England, had the sun for the whole week, extremely lucky, kids had an incredible time, best behaved, lots of sand castles and swimming had been done!

Amy (Fleming) Roudbari

I attened Sizewell Hall In 1977 and 1978 for summer camp with Pathfinders. My father was stationed at RAF Woodbridge and we attended church in Saxmundham. It was a turning point in my Christian life and I will never forget those two weeks. Thanks to all those past and present who work so hard to show the love of Christ to young men and women.

Ben Riminton

I’m going to Sizewell tommorow with the church I go to and I can’t wait! We all enjoy it!


I have just returned from a weekend at Sizewell Hall with All Saints church from Newmarket. Sizewell offers a wonderful atmosphere with the presense of God in close attendence. We all enjoyed awesome inspirational worship and study. The staff are outstanding in supporting and helping your group have an enjoyable, safe stay.
Blessings to you all.

Helen & Brian

I find this place peaceful and relaxing, when me and Brian went to do golf we scored a hole in one! Jolly good! Excellent beds.


I have just been and it was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Secret Christian

I loved Sizewell. I went newt fishing with my friends and we caught at least 20 newts. The beach was amazing and we went paddling in the sea. I would recommend Sizewell to loads of Christians. I learned a lot about God and Jesus and I feel that I’m closer to them now. Can’t wait to go agian next year.


I just came back its a great place to be “its alive”!!!!


Our church, All Saints Newmarket had our second weekend in September at Sizewall Hall and all 74 of us had a fantastic time. the highlight was when Paul was baptised in the sea whilst the children were swimming and paddling. Lovely weather, great fellowship and being with our christian family is a taste of what heaven will be like.
I want to go again for a whole week!


I’m 14 now and I’ve been going to Sizewell Hall with St. Johns Church Hoxton for 11 years, and I love and shall be coming back for many years to come.  Probably?


Just come back from Feb half term at Sizewell with The Forge’s 242 and The Base. Awesome time had and some new friends and memories made. Such a cool place to go and really feel God working for the young people. Thank-you


I really enjoyed Sizewell this year was the first year I went and I cannot wait to go again. Going to Sizewell made me feel closer to God and closer to the people around me and I made new friends.


I went with school to African Adventure and Sizewell Hall. It was amazing! I really miss all the staff especially Kirsty!!! Thank you for such a great time! I will never forget it!


I’ve never felt so at peace with my self any where in my life, I really felt that I belonged there. Myself and all my friends had an absolutely wonderful time and I’m counting down the days to go next year!

Beverley Taylor nee Rees

I remember as a teenager back in the 1970′s going to sizewell hall with our girl group, covenantors, from Ranelagh Hall, Felixstowe, each summer for a week. we had a laugh. and alot of Christian fellowship was had by all.

lescalier liliane

Distant Memory.
Yearning for Sizewell Hall,I went to the site memory and read Brian message of 2007 reminded me following Mr Tuyn course in 1955( more than 50 uears ago) as a foreign student.
We had tea with the staff which was appreciate like a favour.And the day Mr Hobson and Miss Acheson (Mary I thing) left Sizewell the foreign students were asked to help for the dinner so we try to make ravioli without success,a great day!!! I also remember Sheridan Mosley who was bigger than all of you and the copy of his father.
I knew Mr and Mrs Tuyn moved to Switzerland but after life goes on…family, children and now grand children.
The last time I went to England was in February 2012, London was upsite down for the 25th of July, but London is still London.
Souvenirs, souvenirs when you take us…
Sorry,if there are mistakes but my english is not what is was.

Jess – Church houseparty

Sizewell is the best place ever! I love spending time in the beautiful place and making friends with new people. Also the food is pretty good too! I can unwind and relax. My favourite thing is songs of praise as I always learn new songs. I always have lots of fun here and never want to leave when it is time to go. I am also forming a better bond and trust in God. Sizewell has helped me learn a lot more about God and how great He is and how he looks out for me. So thank you Sizewell I love you!

Anon – Women’s weekend

I won’t forget in a hurry. I didn’t know that so many grown up ‘girls’ together could create such a din; and that was just the singing! Of course I jest because I can’t find the words to say how much I enjoyed the worship, prayers, fellowship, food, good company and not forgetting the entertainer . . . And I have taken away so much . . . and contacts of new friendships too. Will I come again?

Sharon mills (webster)

Grass snakes, roller skating, archery, outdoor games, jellyfish, connect 4, evening meets, and the group pics taken on the steps.
I went with a group of covies for two or three years and every time had a warmth of homeliness but the excitement of visiting a place for the first time. Thank you for my childhood memories.


At one of the anniversary services (it seems so long ago now!) Steve Fenning spoke about Sizewell Hall being a ‘thin place’ – where man can somehow get closer to God and know his presence even more than normal. I haven’t been to Sizewell for a few years now but when I return I know I will meet with God in a special way, it was always that way and I’m sure it always will be.

Brian McLean (Budapest)

To “Secret Christian” mainly. I’m glad to hear the newts are still thriving at Sizewell Hall. I remember how we had a very splashy nature lesson at Sizewell Hall School in about 1951, with our favourite junior teacher, Pat. Unfortunately she emigrated to New Zealand not long after that, but I don’t think that had anything to do with the newts. She seemed as enthusiastic as we were. We caught a couple, but after gravely discussing their life style we put them back. I think the little well or pond where we found them was halfway between the hall and the gazebo.

Dag Sundén

I was a pupil at Sizewell Hall in the summer of 1953. We had lessons in the morning and were free for other activities during afternoons. If we were caught speaking our natal language we had to pay fines. However the money was used for parties with dancing at weekends. I got many friends of various nationalities whitch gave me respect and interest for others during the rest of my life. I am greatful to my parents who understood the importance of sending me to Sizewell Hall. My very first journey abroad on my own.

Celebration Weekend

We have all had the most fantastic celebration weekend with family and friends in this beautiful house. It is a place that holds so many precious memories for us, as place full of hope, promise and peace. Roger and Audrey

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