Leave a Legacy

If Sizewell Hall has played a part in your walk with God or been a special place to you and you would like to contribute to the work of Sizewell Hall so it can carry on well into the future, why not consider leaving a legacy in your will for Sizewell Hall.

One of the ways we have been able to develop the property over the years, for the benefit of our guests, is through gifts donated through legacies. Legacies gifted by people who have been blessed by God while staying at the Hall and want to see the work continue and be a blessing for others well into the future.

Any legacies, however small, will be greatly appreciated and prayerfully used for the glory of God and the blessing of our visitors.

Stewardship UK have been helping Christians and Christian organisations by providing the tools and resources to make donations, leave legacies and connect with their local community, to further God’s kingdom. They have a very helpful brochure available on their website with lots of information if you are considering leaving a legacy to a charity.
You can find it by clicking this link -> www.stewardship.org.uk/resource/leaving-legacy-making-charitable-gifts-your-will

If you decide to leave a legacy to Sizewell Hall your solicitor will ask for the information below to ensure that your legacy goes to the place you want it to.

Our registered charity number: 269157
Our address:
Sizewell Hall Ltd
IP16 4TX

It is especially helpful to Sizewell Hall if gifts are given for General Purposes as they can then be used where they are most needed at the time.

Please Note: The information given on this website regarding a will is for guidance only and does not constitute legal advice. We strongly advise that you seek professional advice when writing a will.