Planning a group stay at Sizewell Hall

This page will help you cover some important areas when you plan a trip away with your church or group. Health and Safety, getting the right people, catering, insurance are sometimes a mine field. This page aims to help you through these issues and plan your stay at Sizewell Hall.

Food Orders

We no longer offer a food order service for groups, however, Tesco, Asda, and Waitrose are all happy to deliver to the hall on the required times of group arrivals.

Groups can still use our local suppliers who continue to provide their services for groups, who attend Sizewell Hall:

Platt’s the Greengrocers in Leiston – 01728830362

Nichols the Butcher in Leiston – 01728830571

Foulgers Dairy products – 01473784625 or 01473784999

Chapel Pond Foods in Bury St Edmunds – 01284766007 or (Chapel Pond Foods has previously provided food for groups and summer camps)

Alternatively, if you are looking for someone to Cater for your group/event:

Racheal Feasey Catering – – 01449613990

Racheal has experience catering for groups and events at Sizewell Hall

Sizewell Hall is a member of CCI – Christian Camping International, and they have produced a very helpful leaflet to help you to plan your break away. The list below of TOP 10 things to remember, comes from CCI. This page is available as a downloadable PDF at the end of the article.


You have embarked on a really great task to get your group away. Keep at it and don’t get discouraged! Now you have chosen a venue, go and have a look round it.

Have clear aims for the event. What will you do? Why? What do you aim to achieve? Are your priorities reflection, team building, activity or spiritual input? What you aim to achieve will significantly effect what you do.

You can’t start too early, but you can start too late! It will almost certainly take months to plan your group’s event. Make a detailed list of all that you have to do. You won’t be able to do this on your own, so look to recruit some helpers and delegate areas of responsibility to each person. Then check up from time to time if they are doing OK. Meet regularly with the helpers. Train the team for the task ahead.

Budget carefully for the event. The sums of money involved and your legal liability to the venue you choose can be significant. Draw up that budget in detail now. Pay on time, you may incur penalties if you don’t.

Promote the event thoroughly. You may want to produce a simple leaflet. Don’t assume people will come because you had the great idea to go away. It is a great idea but get them to sign up early and pay a deposit – even your closest friends! Never assume they will come until they pay the whole fee! Issue a simple receipt.

The centre can provide you with details of a good value for money policy. It provides cover for your group for what could be expensive financial liabilities in the event of cancellation. This will be subject to the policy terms and conditions. You can contact Access Insurance, who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority for more details, on 020 8651 7420 or email:

Programme the event. Write down times and details of activities. Ask the centre for advice if you are not sure about meals. If it is a large group remember that it takes time to move people around a large venue. They also need to go to the toilet at least once during your packed day! Don’t fill the programme too much. Good programmes allow space.

Read the information provided carefully. Small print can seem boring, but it is vital and usually very helpful. Complete any forms and submit them on time. Be as accurate as you can with the information requested.

To make your life easier there are books, resource sheets, checklists, even a CD to help you prepare your team of helpers. Subjects covered include safety, programme ideas, activities, menus and much more.
You can join the association on line either as a church or ‘Associate’ group leader – go to

After the event, evaluate whether you achieved the aims you set out in item 2. Give some friendly and constructive feedback to the centre or complete their feedback form. Start planning after that for the next event! Go back to item 1 – after a strong cup of something!

For more information about CCI follow this link

This can also be downloaded as a PDF by clicking on the link below

CCI Top 10 leaflet