Repair Our Roof

Going up and up!

The slates are going up on our roof! Hooray!


This week the slates started going up.

The past few weeks has been both humbling and encouraging. This week life has been happier on site. The rain has stopped. There are new work gangs on site. As you can see from the photos work is really progressing. The flashing’s are being done, the slates are going up and looking good. There are still more on the ground than on the roof! Let’s pray the pace will continue at this rate.

We are thankful to God’s servants who have given so generously and sacrificially to this project. A big thank you to all who have donated so much. Since the work actually started, we have seen many more gifts come in. There is still little way to go. You have helped us raise almost 90% of the amount needed, that is amazing. Thank you. This means we are about £25,000 short of the final figure needed. We are confident that God will provide, so that the work of Sizewell Hall will continue, lives will be saved and many will come closer to God while here. We will never truly know how many lives have been changed because of people coming to Sizewell Hall, but we know the work will continue. We thank you all for being part of that and allowing God to carry on pouring out His blessings, on each and every person who comes.

Thank you!

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If there are more funds raised than are needed for the Roof Fund the excess will be put into another like minded account.