Sizewell Hall Availability

Majority of the time Sizewell Hall is fully booked. Occasionally, there are some weekends and mid week slots that are available. Below is a list of the weekends for 2018. For other midweek availability please contact us, by email or ringing us on 01728 830715.

Please remember Sizewell Hall is a self catering centre our prices reflect this.



Monday 8th – Friday 12th


Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd

Friday 15th to Sunday 17th


Prices for 2019 WEEKEND MID WEEK


(all year)

2 Night stay 4 Night stay 7 Night stay
Arrival – 4pm Arrival – 4pm Arrival – 4pm
FACILITY Depart – 5.00pm Depart – 10.30pm Depart – 10.30pm
HALL: All ages included
Up to 60 Guests £2,400 £4,200 £6,100
61 – 70 Guests £2,800 £4,900 £7,100
71 – 80 Guests £3,200 £5,600 £8,100
81 + Guests £3,500 £6,000 £9,100
NB: To work out charges in the Hall per night per person do the following calculation:
Group price ÷ No of guests ÷ No of nights
Adults (5yrs of age +) £27 £37 £42
0 to 4yrs of age £5 £5 £6
Minimum charge £540 + Electricity £740 + Electricity £840 + Electricity
Day Visitors: £12 per day £12 per day £12 per day

Day visitors

Those coming to share meals and use the facilities will be charged at the price of £12 per day. This does not apply to friends who drop in for an hour or so.

Please contact the office on 01728 830715 or email to discuss any of the above.

We have an enquiry mailing list which we use to inform people of any future vacancies. If you wish to be added to that please contact us by email